Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Explain in detail the connection between respiration, Assignment

Explain in detail the connection between respiration, nutrition,ventilation and circulation in supporting the healthy functioning of cells - Assignment Example d be working in order, respiration, circulation, ventilation and nutrition all are dependent on each other in terms of performance because if one performs and other organs is not working properly then cells won’t be getting full energy and improper growth would take place which can result into malfunctioning. We need to understand the link between all the four organs and their effect on the growth of the cells. In order to understand the connection between respiration, nutrition, ventilation and circulation separate understanding of these processes is important, understanding of these processes can make connection between these four processes and thus can build an understanding of the support that these four most important processed of human body gives to the healthy functioning of the cells. If we explain process of respiration then it is basically set of metabolic reactions which take place in all organisms’ cells which convert nutritional biochemical energy into adenosine triphosphate (ATP), and after conversion it releases waste products. Reactions which are responsible in this process of respiration are catabolic which is a reaction involving reduction of one molecule and oxidation of other molecules. Plants and animals cells use few nutrients which are glucose, fatty acids. amino acids, oxidizing agent (electron acceptor) which is molecular oxygen (O2). Archaea and bacteria usually can be lithotrophs so these organisms have respiration support by using inorganic molecules which can be acceptors and electron donors example of such inorganic molecules is sulfur, hydrogen, methane, metal ions. In respiration those organism which use oxygen as final electron acceptor are called aerobics and those who don’t fall in this category are called anaerobic. Respiration process results in a form of energy and to store this energy synthesize ATP is used. ATP stored energy is used to drive different processed which require energy to perform action. Biosynthesis,

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