Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 90

Assignment - Essay Example He was ingenious to develop the idea of burning pagan temple that both sides loathe. This was the common ground he found suiting his mission. Photo A shows the inside of a meticulously designed temple. There are individuals who seem to be curiously studying and enjoying the temple design. Perhaps, their curiosity is motivated by the miracle of burning the same temple later in an attempt to save the religious relationship amongst the inhabitants of Londonderry. Though the temple has an exotic design, it was later burned down. The temple design is a good indication of the development and growth people even those with differences can attain together once they put their differences apart. The youths the artist invited to help in erecting the temple did their job well, and the beautiful temple is a statement of that. In photograph B, there is now a multitude that gathered outside the burning temple that can be symbolically taken also to burn the sorrows and the ills of the past. The differences are no more. There is a vast group of individuals present to witness the burning. They seem to be relaxed, no sign of tension from either side, and it is impossible to tell them even apart. They are just watching the temple go down in flame. This can be taken to signify the burning of their historical differences, and setting another phase where individuals co-exist in harmony. Additionally, fire in by any means associated with evil but in the region of Londonderry, the fire has a local meaning where it represents the troubled times of rivalry where each side suffered significant losses of life. Just like Rev. David Latimer talked of a light set on a hill, the burning of the temple could not be hidden. Both the Protestants and the Catholics witnessed their differences, and their common enemy burn down. Th ough Rev. David Latimer initially was skeptic of the tactics David Best employed to burn a temple. He had a history of this region;

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