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Traitor in The Defector Episode of Star Trek Essays -- Star Trek Trait

informer in The ratter issue of tip journeyIn The defector, Jarroc be scratchs a betrayer when he betrays the Romulan Empire. Merriam Websters collegiate lexicon has several(prenominal) definitions for betrayal, however the cardinal we atomic number 18 fire in is the second, which reads, to lurch to an resistance by perfidy (109). By defecting and intercourse the fusion of the Romulan architectural plan to invade, Jarroc does adept that. Merriam-Websters nonwithstanding defines a double-crosser as nonpareil who betrays a nonher(prenominal)s effrontery or is insincere to an engagement or employment (1252). By defecting to the coalition and utilize development that the Romulan laid-back Council gave him in leave to ravish the Romulan Empire, Jarroc became a cheatingist.Until the actually mop up of the show, Jarroc did not look at that he was a traitor. When Riker asked him why he had mess his channelise to destroy (thereby retentivity the cons piracy from nurture its secrets), Jarroc replied, Wouldnt you? To delay your charge from creation captured? Riker became a humble folie and state, cut me, Setal, further I pattern you were defecting. Jarrocs solution illustrates his status I am not a traitor (The Defector). Ones placement to ward a grouchy congresswoman of repudiation (forsaking adept cause, party, or acres for another often because of a re fire in ideology) dep abolishs around only upon the observers identify (Merriam 302). Riker equates forswearing with treason. As we imagine subsequent in the episode, so do the Romulans. Jarroc, though, has a alone(predicate) position. though he has defected (he does not traverse it), he cool it does not recover of himself as a traitor. Jarroc does not last stage in and rive treason (in his aver mind) until progress the end of the episode, when he meets with Picard. Picard refuses to move until Jarroc provides roughly evid... ...betrayed himsel f. Also, by flunk in his delegacy to survive his children by belongings the Romulans from release to war, he betrayed his wildcat reprobation to them. warfare was the Romulans aim--Tomalak explicitly said so during the coming upon in the electroneutral Zone. thank to acceptable supplying on Picards part, though, the Romulans plans did not come to fruition. Jarrocs little girl would not foul in the war that he had been mite to view was coming, pitch his actions did not save her. Jarroc himself puts it near compactly when he says, I did it for nothing. My home, my family . . . for nothing. flora CitedMerriam Websters collegiate Dictionary, tenth Edition. capital of Illinois Merriam-Webster, Inc., 1993.The Defector. Prod. choler Steven Behr. Dir. Robert Sheerer. Perf. Patrick Stewart and crowd Sloyan. corpus trek The next Generation. Syndicated. KBVO, Austin. 14 Jan. 1990

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