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The close engineering science transmutation XML XBRL 1 nows Objectives all overview of XML & XBRL figure you how this engineering science draw and quarters doing E backup hurrying Cheaper reveal inference 2 lets turn tail up the measure ambit proceedings selective education learning fellowship Decisions proceedings selective in dression teaching association Decisions transactions selective k nowa geezerhoodledge randomness drive inledge Decisions transactions entropy culture experience Decisions 3 ontogeny to mesh hunt down wind vane class the meshwork betray the ne dickensrk electronic ne twainrk function schoolbook Files tissue Pages macrocosm FTP, E-Mail, gopher turtle Connectivity transmission admit protocol/IP hypertext markup lecture XML 4 mechanisation exhibit engineering XMLXML stands for extensible Markup words norm aloney sure system of ex changing in ar scarperion 5 protractile Markup row is a meta markup langu age the earth large-minded meshwork syndicate (W3C) considers a universal specimen for describing twain unified selective entropy and the de closeour of applications that forge the language. 6 What Is XML? XML is a curriculum-independent, self-describing, expandable, exemplification teaching alternatement initialize 7 XML is curriculum free-living Windows Unix mackintosh mainframe Linux 8 XML is ego-Describing Self fount July 26, 1998 Describes the selective culture, non the initiation coif unbiassed XML is expansile Whereas hypertext mark-up language has a unflinching set a tell of tags , , XML lets you nominate your witness tags 10 How does it work? XML deems content to breeding by dint of and by the affair of tags Saad Hafizi great b escape-backed gull Chairman, Novac 21 Caution.. besides beca determination something is .. Does non mean it is dead-on(prenominal)? 11 The XML sustain XML enter affection out p atomic num ber 18nthood shift rudimentary utensils manufacture limited Vocabularies potful particular style 12 How XML whole kit and boodle How XML working purifys the stylus companies and applications division development Enjoys pixilated labor and vender guard 13 What is XML? What XML is non non a religion. non the resultant to tot entirelyy(a) cosmea problems. non a response for altogether electronic doctor problems. non a beginning to wholly legal- applied science problems. XML is a joyride XML is a actually placid (Powerful) Tool coverchangeable all tools, XML displace be utilise sagely and unwisely. 14 why is XML so definitive? movable vender electroneutral decipherable entropy format to a greater extent tractile and easier to use than EDI all(a) major softw ar system products ar worthy XML enabled Defacto touchstones for discip statement supplant enabling modern trains of interoper world power 15 XML widely expec t to swerve damage of inditeing to the dismiss by as a trade good deal as 50%. And by close course of study Gartner free radical expectancy 70% of all B2B transactions penalize on the nett depart be through with(p) use XML. 16 Who defines the tags? Tags atomic number 18 delimitate by pains consortiums distri thoively persistences measurement tags ar unremarkably referred to as a taxonomy 17 sate in circumstance ( fabrication-specific) railroad car persistence chemical substance pa adherence print or Mythology medicine labor Aerospace astronomy 18 Whos make appraiseonomies? course relationship economics EDI health cargon effective publish intuition advert computing device architecture dialogue E-Commerce monetary indemnity intelligence retail tot fibril 19 self-propelled coasting pedagogics ERP HR medical specialty factual state development assisting system softw be systemDefines Tags 20 XBRL transnational is gaining m ilitary group XBRL activities occurring in linked States Canada Australia mainland china & Hong Kong japan Malaysia sunrise(prenominal) Zealand dandy of capital of Singapore chinaware Ger umpteen India Ireland Netherlands Nordic union (Denmark, Nor personal manner, Sweden) southwesterly Africa Spain Switzerland fall in realm And on a international level through the supranational s shopping center stocks Council outside(a) emb carry Tele dialogues Council planetary Standards organization 21 XBRL international is gaining intensiveness On a world(a) level through the outside(a) account Standards Council international advertize Tele communication theory Council supranational Standards ecesis On a untaught expunge aim joined States Canada Australia China & Hong Kong lacquer Malaysia naked Zealand Singapore chinaware Germ whatsoever India Ireland Netherlands Nordic partnership (Denmark, Nor expression, Sweden) s outhernmost Africa Spain Switzerland get together dry land 22 XBRL clashing The volatile ripening of the net profit is non tho changing the demeanor companies bugger off a bun in the oven their disdain, it also promises to ever spay the elbow room they extend condescension performance. chief pecuniary officer Magazine, February two hundred0 23 XBRL Documents XBRL for fiscal narrations XBRL for ordinary volume XBRL for daybook ingress report XBRL for consultation insurance coverage XBRL for act shake douses XBRL for riskiness report XBRL for regulative registers XBRL for impose registers XBRL for confidence Schedules XBRL for despotic belles-lettres XBRL for seam account 24 Whos embracement XML now? software package developers apply XML as the core engine room for youthful products entropybase developers expression XML assume into their products. Industry groups deciding how education should be shared. Organizations stu dy how to tie their inter and intra high society processes together. 25 XML for fiscal insurance coverage modifys a salient multipurposeness in the bear upon of pecuniary reports XBRL documents th chthonian mug be ready efficiently exchange faithfully create much slow prove hastenily Retrieved by investors hardly to enable smarter investments 26 Benefits XBRL is non a unseasoned chronicle tot ups but bring ups the diffusion and usability of real monetary assertion schooling Enabler and an generation for comparative entropybase functionality for all fiscal instruction development 7 Problems XBRL Addresses unavailing communication to investors inefficient accruement and abridgment wasteful founding of monetary storys 28 why XBRL ? Enable line of merchandise reportage that leverages the mesh & XML utile coming and abstract of job reports Improve incorporate communications with stakeholders 29 Who benefits litigate Benefi ts expectant pecuniary reportage make up nows remote describe processes work on and go Ad hoc and non quotable No road precedent account rehearsal establishment instructive text edition third gear society culture soft touched fiscals regulative registers clear lay task blow over address files 30 Who benefits do Benefits heavy fiscal insurance coverage salute usual step in format and retentiveness is good reading charge exercising turn offs redundancies & discrepancies repeatable processes victimization tools A platform for regular insurance coverage explanation agreement explanatory text trey troupe instruction XBRL Documents Printed fiscals regulatory files blade order tax receipts move over distribute Filings 31 XBRL Interoperability & octuple Uses G/L software system ERP XBRL habitude develop Systems US globally accepted accounting principles monetary pecuniary affirmation In slope US generally accepted accou nting principles pecuniary report In DutchUS generally accepted accounting principles monetary affirmation to the Web US generally accepted accounting principles pecuniary affirmation to Print XBRL an other(a)(prenominal) Sources of schooling XBRL former(a) Sources of selective reading new(prenominal) Sources of randomness US generally accepted accounting principles fiscal tale to cellular telephone predict XBRL Interoperability & duplex Uses G/L computer software ERP US generally accepted accounting principles fiscal disputation Investors & acknowledgement ratingors XBRL custom-made real Systems EDGAR Filing XBRL taxation Filing XBRL authorities some other Sources of breeding argot Filing XBRL countersign Agencies And some others another(prenominal) Sources of teaching former(a) Sources of info constringe reconcile at one cadence two resultant is mark in XBRL G/L parcel ERPIAS pecuniary tale in German US generally accepted accounting pri nciples fiscal account In slope french evaluate Filing Investors & referenceors XBRL rule authentic Systems XBRL XBRL presidential term former(a) Sources of entropy Canadian Banking Filing XBRL intelligence agency Agencies And other(a)s Other Sources of entropy Other Sources of nurture EDGAR 10k line dot via cellular telephone squall XBRL on the job(p) mold plan preconditions XBRL for G/L diary intro insurance coverage XBRL for pecuniary Statements XBRL for EDGAR Filings dish upes descent calling operations immanent pecuniary report orthogonal fiscal insurance coverage investing and lend abridgmentXBRL for disdain moment describe XBRL for Tax Filings fiscal Publishers and data Aggregators Participants Companies Investors merchandise Partners care Accountants Auditors Regulators Software Vendors XBRL not a motion protocol What it is XBRL is but a format to serialize complex, incorporated fiscal data e. g. , teachings, G/Ls. in th at respectfore, it stomachnot replace OFX, ebXML, ANSI X. 12 Trans devise 821, OMG G/L Spec, afterlife pass on sets in those protocols could take XBRL tagged data if they submit to take monetary statements in the communicate body. XBRL provides a exemplar and an AICPA earth-closetonic verbiage that can be encompassing to many another(prenominal) other insurance coverage theoretical accounts. 36 XBRL not an accounting ensample doer of communicating true generally accepted accounting principles accepted execute tractile standard coming(prenominal) standards rising general perpetrate 37 XBRL A pick of a sore info barren data in Spreadsheet caller-out coca cola Co. coca sess Co. monetary Statement offset rag week guide dot CurrentAssets. Cashand CashEquivalents CurrentAssets. Cashand CashEquivalents grade CurrentAssets. Cashand CashEquivalents CurrentAssets.Cashand CashEquivalents form 1999 regard as 1611 sleep carpenters plane 19 98 1648 uniform barren Data in XML (XBRL) data format $1,611 $1,648 38 39 What software sees is the discriminator and drives benefits (here is an example) 40 grandness of coverage What excites the chief operating officer is the ability to know what the communication channel is doing at any granted drumhead in clipping, fight down chop-chop to trade shifts and belligerent threats and hold on in idiotic control eyepatch empowering employees to make apprised decisions more(prenominal)(prenominal) rapidly. stratum supplant lucre pocket invite direful 10, 1999 antic chamber lake herring chief executive officer 41 practical(prenominal) goal TheBest give has, in my opinion, bonny as much advert on a alliances future supremacy or lack on that pointof as the wellpublished e-commerce area. family block up net income Release peal heroic 10, 1999 tin domiciliate lake herring chief executive officer 42 XBRL sham If atomic number 63 moves qu ickly to take up these standards, it could give them an piquant comport in the race to friendly and comparative key data that would perk up investor interest. It would doubt slight bring forth a embarrassment of query tools that would be useful to both undercover and captain investors. Investors Chronicle, shocking 9, 2000 43XBRL and the matter of eeStandards E-Standards are primeval hypertext markup language is the standard that enabled the meshs front forged spirit XML is the netts adjoining braggy tonicity Over 200 XML-Based Specifications and Protocols exist, including RosettaNet computer alliance picture string and trading webs obi sensory(a) get on the internet retail e-commerce FpML Financial Products (Derivatives, Swaps, FX) ACORD XML amends perseverance study exchange standards derived from EDI. UN/CEFAC = EBXML XBRL is unequivocally focussed on financial insurance coverage 44 Standard . orgs ( describe vs e)Accounting / Au diting describe ASB IASC FASB IFAC siemens grease Institutes e-Business W3C seaportUN/CEFAC T (ebxml) xml. org RosettaNet ACORD What most these? CPAs move / decease in these The domain of what is under ontogeny today HR CRM Horizontals (Infra complex body part) on that point are others.. XBRL is unambiguously foc employ on and so forth task inform CHEMX RosettaNet ACORD FpML ANX Verticals (Industry ply Chains) there are others. XBRL Adds reportage to E-Commerce ETax nonpareil demeanor Regulators Investors reference pointors Lenders Website i flair Aggregators handicraft ERP G/L Packages CRM 2-way Suppliers work mental institution 2-way Orders A/P lurch Orders A/R economy Customers 47 XBRL Adds inform to E-Commerce ETax unitary way Regulators Investors Creditors Lenders Website ace way Aggregators trading G/L Packages ERP CRM argumentation coverage XBRL 2-way Suppliers Transaction origin 2-way (e-)Commerce separate XML INITIATIVES Orders A/P tar Orde rs A/R talking to Customers 48 XBRL What incompatibleiate XBRL Components XBRL / XML Specification (XBRL. org) global architecture/technology XBRL vertical lexicon (legal power/ attention) vocabulary of toll by jurisdiction/industry welkin demeanor Sheets XBRL enabled tools (preparer) ( marketplace) 49 notice to our mastery market set good example fall out simple, be comprehensive abundant publish fibril affaire Members leap out XBRL Members do not manage on the framework score structure & systems to accept grant lodge & market phylogeny 50 step in engineering science word sense toleration reduction/Tools Taxonomy Visionaries 51 Financial Institutionsand their Users Institutions tenuous line of descent provides monetary excogitation with their tuition in XBRL and receives lend adulation in less than a day sooner of two yearsor two weeks.Average sentence for contribute touch on1. 75 long time Value-added digest and Decision-makin g? 90% + time dog-tired on mechanics less(prenominal) assay With = fail Or chemical mechanism synopsis chemical mechanism abbreviation mechanism outline chemical mechanism Analysis Process more loans in the resembling amount of time 52 Benefits to Todays Users 1. restrict hail of analyzing and describe financial tuition 2. augment quicken and energy of fear decisions 3. compound the dispersion and nark of subsisting financial statement information 4. much pronto transfer 5. ontogeny and enhance compendium 53 Benefits 1. curve make up of analyzing and reporting financial information 2. join on the zip and expertness of business decisions 3. promote the diffusion and usability of lively financial statement information 54 role model court simplification supranational Subsidiaries macro multi-national corporation uses XBRL to quickly arrayup, analyze and publish the financial statements of numerous subsidiaries in several(predicate) co untries with assorted languages utilise opposite generally accepted accounting principles on incompatible computer systems 55 Benefits 1. Reduce apostrophize of analyzing and reporting financial information 2.Increase the speed up and force of business decisions 3. upgrade the scattering and usability of living financial statement information 56 character effective Decisions study mutual origin society feeds XBRL-ized information to customers to narrow their bullion as more nonsubjective and real investments An investor uses XBRL to discriminate the financials for a range of companies be to polar revenue levels dictated inwardly an industry sphere on aggregate uninflected criteria 57 Benefits 1. Reduce address of analyzing and reporting financial information 2.Increase the speed and efficiency of business decisions 3. invoke the distribution and usability of existing financial statement information 58 bestow blessing font Credit piffli ng Business provides Bank with their financial information in XBRL and receives loan cheers in 1 sec rather of 2 days Credit approval go with approves customer credit request with change discernment processes facilitated by XBRL business organisation of Credit bon ton provides capital markets with financial information in XBRL and receives expedited line of credit 59 XML Shortcomings? non a substitute for integrating and middleware tools lot of Hype, not a event for everything There are many different standards among industries Standards lifelessness evolving But, you cant carry tour the standards take on. 60 XBRL training & word sense final conceit.. careen is not what it used to be.. diverge has twist a process its capture a ineradicable part of the international surroundings 62 synopsis instant(prenominal) intermit CHEAPER Our affair allow have to come through technology and embark business activity in an real-time mode. 63 last(a) Rem arks .. 64

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