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Angles Ashes Speech or Presentation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Angles Ashes - Speech or Presentation Example This also serves as a  justification  of his stealing food from rich neighbour. We read of Frank’s  exploration  in the library where he finds a sex manual, and as he indulges in it, he realizes that his father did not tell him the truth about the â€Å"Angel on the seventh step.† Miss O’Riordan, the librarian, gets him  busy  on the sex material, and directs him to leave the library. Frank seeks refuge in the people’s park where he falls into a deep sleep during which he has a sexually arousing  dream. Suddenly, he wakes up to the  sight  of people filled with disgust, and are busy pulling their children from his him (McCourt, 296). Back at Abs  house  Frank prepares himself for his first day at work as a messenger. He gets a loaf of bread hidden in Abs coat, helps himself to a  slice  and drinks water to fill his  stomach. He then puts on his grandmothers old woollen clothes to keep him warm while his clothes dry up. His aunt Aggy brings drunken Abs home, and she laughs at the  sight  of  frank  in grandmothers’ clothes. She sends him for some water outside, and the neighbours also laugh at the  sight  of  frank  in the old baggy clothes. Frank tells her aunt that he is living at Abs place till he could afford for his mother and brothers. Guilt as a  theme  is addressed  in this chapter. Frank is  guilty  of his sinful masturbating problem which is a source of his  guilt  since he reckons time and again the priest telling them anytime they  sin  the Virgin Mary weeps, and that Christ’s wounds  are reopened. His guilt worsens when he cannot resist the urge to masturbate. Franks' guilt also leads him to  condemn  himself to  hell, and  thus  he justifies his  act  of stealing food since he  is bound  to go to hell. McCourt brings out hunger is a  theme  though not majored in this chapter. Frank steals food from  wealthy  neighbours (287). We also read of the hidden loaf of bread in uncle pats  coat  frank  helps himself to a slice, and drinks water to  feel  full (296). A  look  into franks  statement  on his  plan  to buy a house for his mother and brothers, his aunt admits that it would be â€Å"more than your father would do† (Ferrel 13). This quote is  significant  in the  manner  that it tells us a lot about franks' characters trait it also tells us about the  character  of franks father. Frank is a strong willed boy. He  is determined  to free mother and his brothers’ from their  impoverished  state. He is also full of hope he believes with his messengers’ salary he can provide for his brother, and at the same time their mother. The rhetorical style of writing, although, not clear in the 14th chapter. There is this  case  that involves Mr. O’ Halloran when he says he  is disgusted  with the system that forces young, bright boy s to do petty jobs, yet he is already aware of the poverty stricken state of their country, and such happenings are a common thing. He also tells frank he should leave for America and we know that it is  impossible. Frank is a determined young boy. He strives to achieve greater things than what life

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