Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Bibliography Annotated Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Annotated Bibliography ExampleIndividuals who were forced to be admitted and who had a pacemaker were not made spark off of the specimen size.When the patients were first admitted to the health look at center, they experienced higher level of dehydration. Different physiological factors were considered while identifying hydration levels including systolic blood pressure levels and dryness of the tongue.The dissect was descriptive in nature and for a descriptive study a sample size of 15 is enough, while the study employed 43 individuals and this means that the sample size was enough. The statistical power of 95% has been mentioned that means that the sample size is adequate for the study.The study was hearty designed as it followed all the requirements of a descriptive study such as the requirement of the lower limit sample size. The study even contained various factors that were related to the purpose of the study.The relevant outcomes of the prevalence as closely as the measur es and factors of measuring dehydration were clearly mentioned. These outcomes were relevant to the purpose of the study and that is why they were reported.The study include only patients who aged over 60 which is somely the benchmark age of older adults in most of the nations. This means that the findings of the study can be generalized in people belonging to other nations and this why the eligibility criteria was appropriate.The older adults were experiencing higher levels of dehydration as compared to the dehydration levels assessed by the hospital. This study helped in identifying parameters that are organism considered globally to assess the level of dehydration.The study has provided some new measures of identifying the levels of dehydration among older adults and these measures can be utilized in clinical settings to perform the same analysis. This can help in better care of the patient as nurses should know whether their patients are taking appropriate amount of fluid

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