Wednesday, May 29, 2019

The Brown Sisters Lecture Essay -- Brown versus Board of Education

The Brown Sisters Upon hearing the narrative assignment, I found myself stunned that I would actually have to attend a invoke outside of my classes. When scanning the list of possible events, the Brown Sisters lecture stood out in my mind. I had just completed an essay solely devoted to the conclusiveness and its impact on society so I thought it would be interesting to hear a first hand account of the roiling fourth dimensions these brave women faced. The lecture turned out to be more interesting than I originally imagined though I left with a rebuff sense of dissatisfaction.As I slowly trudged up the steps of Foellinger Auditorium, I saw my pledge mom and walked up to her prolonging the time before I had to reach the room. She immediately asked, What class are you here for? African Americans were forced to deal with social inequalities for centuries by their white counterparts and struggled to break free of the chains of racism. The Brown last took a huge s tep towards fixing the discrepancies between races and should be celebrated by every citizen of our country. If the Brown family appeared at a university, every one should hatful to see people that made the advancement of African Americans possible. But in reality, student converse about that mean teacher that makes his students attend outside lectures and how their time could be better spent. The composition of the audience came as no surprise to me. Students sat with dread as they pulled out notebooks in order to fulfill a required class assignment. Teachers and administration scattered the audience and a predominantly African American high school class filed in also wearable faces of discontent as a result of a required field trip. Two mi... never got to see the success of Brown due to his death curtly after the decision notwithstanding I think that Oliver Brown, to this day, would not be satisfied. To my disappointment, they did not deal with issues s urrounding the current integration status and spent critical time talking about what changed after the decision.Growing up, I lived a sheltered life and issues of integration did not concern me. As I still investigate the aftermath of the Brown v. Board of Education decision, I become decreasingly nave about our current integration situation. When thinking about the area I live in, I notice that integration is nonexistent. Our society has come a long way in the past fifty years since the decision but we still have a long road ahead of us. The Brown decision signifies the beginning of the fight against segregation not the end of it, as many people believe.

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