Sunday, June 16, 2019

A piece of art Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

A piece of subterfuge - Essay ExampleThe mechanic also mentions that the exhibition happens to the second within a curatorial projects series that the artist has initiated within year 2011 which demonstrated means through which modern-day art as headspring as artists are able to create a platform for discussing political, social as well as cultural situations importance slightly the world as well as exploration of their effects on regional and local communities.The artist talks about what a good contemporary art entails which explains that it should interrogate cultural, political as well as social practices and realities. The artist explains that the purpose of their art as one of a university art museum is to snuff it chances for artistic education, exploration as well as reflection.The artists argument is artwork should fight down effects of political events on people socially, politically as well as culturally. Artistic work may turn to be political while political may tur n into artwork. From this context, the artist has shown how artwork has been used to represent political matters happening especially between the Palestine Israeli war. Most of the art reflects the effects of the war. For instance, the video within which the artist is carrying a greed key can that is dripping along the green line within Jerusalem as well as areas around it for two days (2007). A declaring by Yael Bartana (2006) that requests that individuals to consider the olive tree changing symbolism in the existing context and the (Sa) Mira by Dor Guez (2009) that deals with some Israeli citizens felt discrimination due to right on by the Arabs.The artist has used the past to express events of the time ahead. For instance the art piece Pan of Qalandia 2014 by Wafa Hourani is an imagination of a huge checkpoints future which is in between Ramallah and Jerusalem. Again, the artist has made use of time to represent matters that took place earlier

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