Monday, June 10, 2019

People & Organisations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

People & Organisations - Essay ExampleMaslows Hierarchy of Needs butt end be viewed in a pyramid form. From bottom to top the needs are as followsThese can relate to an organisation as well as the individual. Physiology for an organisation can be the basic necessities of a company. For modeling, a hotel must have a building capable of holding multiple rooms, electricity, heat, beds, and other basics. Security could be resources requisite to continue the hotel business, such as employees, customers, and other resources. Loving and friendship could mean the employees relationships with each other, but even more importantly with the customer. Esteem could be an example of pride in ones work. Hotel employees coming to work and actually having pride in their job. Self actualisation is achieved with a successful company. For example, the Hilton hotels could claim self actualisation.2) Apollo Culture ( habit Culture) ordered and structured organisation, operating within clearly defined a nd well-known rules and hierarchies classic bureaucracy or public service organisation.3) Athena Culture ( designate Culture) very different approach to the concept of management emphasis is on achieving the task in hand through a problem-solving enculturation, with little concern most the organisational structure or rules power and influence depends on expertise and achievement, and successful participation in team-work, not status in the organisation.4) Dionysus (Existential Culture) emphasis is on individualism, not on the organisation at all the organisation exists only to enable the individual to achieve, not the other way round typical organisational culture of professional practices such as a medical partnership or barristers chambers no boss at all in the normal sense, though for practical purposes one of the professionals will probably be elected or appointed by the group. (Handy, 13-36)Instead of directly describing all of these points

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