Thursday, June 20, 2019

What are 3 reasons why ''college'' is important to you What are your Essay

What are 3 reasons why college is important to you What are your expectations Give details and examples - Essay ExampleIf bingle is ambitious and wants to satisfy their increasing needs and mend living throughout their life, they need to get equipped with college education. College education provides not only higher income but also imparts more than opportunity to go up the ladder in hierarchy. Higher post in an organization imparts better recognition in the society and status. The person gets better sense of achievement and satisfaction in the life.Currently, the world has become a globular village where in a lot of exchange of goods and services deliberate place. International trade has reached to the level of $1600 billion from a small sum in pre World War II era. Currently, the US does not manufacture several(prenominal) consumer goods for the simple reason that they can be procured at much lesser cost from the other countries such as Mexico, China, Korea and other countrie s. It is the comparative advantage that drives the global intersectionion system. This has caused the displacement of workers in the US in the traditional industries such as apparel, textile, leather, steel, fabrication and many such kinds. The US has an edge in advanced industries and new emerging technologies because it leads the world in innovation and new researches. That is why college education is all the same more important and essential for any iodine in the US, if one has to protect themselves from the risk of getting jobless. The statistics reveal that unemployment rate decreases as the education level goes up as presented in the following graphics.It is true that education helps view more and protects ones employability but that is not all. If one decides to start own small business, college education helps in taking many business decisions where one has to weigh pros and cons of the various actions and their outcomes. A business person needs proficiency in math where i n they need to find true cost of the product or services so that neither they are in loss nor they are out priced by competition. While

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