Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Waste Management return-on-investment Assignment

Waste Management return-on-investment - Assignment ExampleGrading awareness will help isolate discipline needs among staff members on waste segregation according to their level of health hazard. Secondly, reviewing of all materials and items of medical supplies the infirmary utilizes. This helps in identifying most wasted items thereby regulating the overall usage per day to limit waste generation (Abd El-Salam, 2010).The hospital must have a standardized method of weighing hospital generated wastes this is useful in determining daily waste generation necessitating possible adjustments in areas that generate most wastes (Abd El-Salam, 2010).It must be routine to review procedures and regulations on dealing with hospital waste. Regular maintenance of hospital incinerators and sewage system greatly lower extra cost caused by malfunctioning of these systems. Thereafter, proper assessment of the numbers, emplacement, condition, colour coding and means of collection specified (Abd El-Sa lam, 2010). The next step is to map the area of disposal and monitor intermittent storage area as well as waste on transit. The hospital should have a definite area of waste

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