Tuesday, June 11, 2019

To what extent has female drinking changed in Britain Essay

To what cessation has fe mannish drinking changed in Britain - Essay grammatical caseOne of the most prominent aspects of womens liberation or emancipation and that of the increased financial independence has been the increased rate of female drinking. In early(a) words, the changes in womens social status have resulted in female drinking habits being changed. Women are now drinking more alcohol than prior generations, with the rate of consumption set to increase. Womens raised economic and social status has resulted in the liberalization of attitudes towards female drinking. The conversion of bars and pubs from primarily male to unisex areas has meant that it is now more acceptable for women to drink without men. The boundaries between male and consumption patterns are also blurring, with women choosing drinks that were once exclusively male. (World News Female potable on the Increase). This has been a universal fact that the drinking habit of women is increased tremendously. H owever, the female drinking in the UK has increased in an alarming pace that it has been frequently regarded as one of the most captivating issues related to women in the nation. This has been often remarked that in the UK the increase in female drinking has several consequential effectuate which make the issue even more relevant for discussion. In this paper, the focus has been on the increasing rate of female drinking and its effects on the society. The central question that the paper is concerned with has been to what extent has female drinking changed in Britain and the results of the investigation conducted have wide ranging implications.Female drinking has changed to a great extent in Britain and there are several conditions that made this possible. More and more women get addicted to alcohol these days due to the modern trends in bread and butter and social set up. Sophisticated changes in every field can be traced in an understanding of the reasons that increase female d rinking in Britain. In the era of liberalization, where women have got more

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